“I want to look good, feel good, perform well, and inspire.”

That quote defines me. I’m Melanie Burke, and I built KEEPTIGHT® for women with an intense drive to be better, push their limits, and inspire others.

Being a woman and fitness junkie, I’ve participated in most every form of exercise. From running, biking and obstacle racing, to Yoga, fitness competitions, and heavy lifting in the gym, I know about fitness. I understand how overwhelming, exhilarating, and downright challenging living the fitness lifestyle can be.  The effort is huge and it doesn’t get easier…..only more familiar.

What we choose to wear transforms along with our body and mindset. They are inseparable. Two years ago I became disenchanted with the products offered by brands that weren’t women-specific.  It was then I decided it was time for something new, something different, something HARDCORE.


KEEPTIGHT® is the NEXT GENERATION of hardcore activewear for women with a fierce approach to fitness and health. Our mission is to empower women to achieve a balanced fitness lifestyle.

Wear Your Strength® embodies our belief that what you choose to wear is a direct result of the effort and passion you put into your goals.

We understand the benefits of comfortable clothing and how it directly relates to a woman’s ability to succeed when faced with mounting fitness goals. Our products are cutting-edge, incorporating the latest in fabric technologies and processes.

KEEPTIGHT® exists, not only as a brand, but as your partner in achieving the ultimate fitness lifestyle.

Melanie A. Burke